You’ve officially reached mid-year! How does it feel? If you’re thinking of the backed-up to-do list sitting on your desk at work, know that you’re not alone. It’s more common than you think to start lagging on your goals around this time annually. The sun is out, and the flowers are in bloom. We understand entirely that you would rather be out with family and friends enjoying the beautiful season than at the office hustling, most definitely this year since 365 days ago we were all sitting scared in quarantine. While we understand why you’ve slacked, we’re not condoning it. You know you are falling behind. So, now is the time to tighten your laces and get back in the race. Lucky for you, we’re productivity masters here at Project MaeCon and have tips to spare!

Know the time of day where you are at your best

Have you heard the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm?” We have, and honestly, we’re not fans. Everyone’s internal clock varies. While some people may thrive first thing in the morning, you may be a mid-afternoon person. It doesn’t matter when you hit your stride, just that you know when it’s going to happen. The key to a productive day is a schedule; if you can arrange when to knock out tasks, you are in charge of your daily success. If you thrive in the mornings, that is when you’ll knock out your most difficult or time-consuming tasks. The same goes for if you have the most energy around lunchtime. When you know ahead of time when you will be at your best, you can stay ahead of the game and your to-do list!

Stop multitasking

Millennials, this tip is for you! We know that you’ve been conditioned since childhood to wear many hats, but we are here to shine a light on how detrimental that can be. Why try to do five things at once when you can knock them out in the same timeframe doing them individually? When you multitask, you open up a door for mistakes, and mistakes will do two things. 1: Hinder your career from progressing, and 2: Force you to waste time fixing your mishaps. Give your energy to one task at a time, and as you check each off, you’ll feel confident that it’s done entirely.

Break up your day with exercise

Sorry, couch potatoes, but the journey to productivity requires movement! Sitting still is bad for your heart AND your brain. To excel, you need to schedule timed workout sessions. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be anything too much. Our advice is to add two walks into your schedule; mid-morning and mid-afternoon. By doing so, you are splitting your day into four parts, including lunch, giving your brain the rest it needs.

If there is one thing we know for sure here at Project MaeCon, it’s that being productive every minute of the day is unrealistic. To pick up the pace in your career, you need to be aware of what is standing in the way. Most of the time, it’s you. Stop allowing your negative habits to hold you back. Instead, embrace these three tips and watch as your to-do list withers away!

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