When the year started, our team here at Project MaeCon had no idea that a global pandemic would force our business to come to a standstill. But, come March, that is precisely what happened. The COVID-19 virus was something that we could never have predicted. With it came feelings of uncertainty and fear that not only the life of our business was in jeopardy but that of our team and community members as well. Our management team acted quickly, and thankfully, their actions have had great success. As we near the end of the year, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the steps we have taken that have helped us pivot during this pandemic.

Once news broke that the COVID-19 virus had reached the United States, our management team made the challenging but necessary decision to close our office doors. Our people’s safety was our top priority, and we knew that having them quarantine at home was in their best interest. Remember, at this time, we had no clue how severe this virus was. Looking back, we are thankful that we took the leap and sent our team home.

Just because we were no longer spending time together in-person didn’t mean that we disconnected entirely. Instead, we utilized all of the technological advances of the 21st century. Every day our team logged into Zoom, a video-share platform, and attended development training, leadership seminars, and even virtual team nights! It was essential that no matter what, we kept our business going and our people happy!

Our team here at Project MaeCon is the definition of resilient. Over the past year, they have looked challenge after challenge right in the eyes and overcame time and again. Together, we were committed to hitting all of our 2020 goals, including welcoming new members to our team. Our client is eager to have us expand into new markets once it is safe to do so. For this to happen, we need to grow. To keep all parties involved safe, we began interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding new employees remotely. Nothing, not even a pandemic, could stop us from excelling!

Once our government leaders here in Texas gave us the go-ahead, we reopened our office doors. However, the COVID-19 virus is still very much a threat; this is why we are enforcing specific safety guidelines. All team members are required to wear a mask and to stay a safe distance away from others. Also, when meeting with customers, PPE will be worn, and all safety guidelines will be followed. Being able to work alongside our team members again is a great feeling. However, safety is and will remain our top concern.           

2020 has been a year of ups and downs. However, our people here at Project MaeCon know firsthand that when we face challenges, they do nothing but make us smarter, stronger, and more resilient. We hope that by sharing our journey throughout the pandemic this year, we provide hope to others that may be struggling. Don’t let this crisis force you to hide in your comfort zone. Instead, listen, learn, and adapt!